MSR Advance Pro Bivy bivuakk

Weatherproof, breathable bivouac for alpinists and day trip adventurers. Also used as an emergency shelter.



The MSR Advance Pro Bivy bivouac gives you the opportunity to lie down on the spot if it is not possible to set up a tent in the storm. In the bivouac you put the sleeping pad and sleeping bag inside. The bivouac has orange material and a reflective MSR logo so that you can be found more easily if something happens. Pro Bivy protects you from the weather and wind and can therefore be used in emergency situations, but also for sleeping under the open sky. Even if it is cold and winter, it can be fantastic to sleep under the open sky with a warm surface and a sleeping bag inside the bivouac.

The MSR Advance Pro Bivy bivouac is a well-known and beloved product among alpinists and climbers who have climbed cold peaks with a light sleeping system in their pack. Advance Pro Bivy is made of a breathable material, and is reinforced on the underside so that the surface does not tear up the bivy bag.

  • Weight: 0.28kg
  • Cover on top in 20D ripstop nylon 2 ply breathable 1000mm
  • Bottom cover in 15D ripstop nylon 1200mm Xtreme Shield polyurethane and DWR
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